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Control keys :

Move your mouse to control your cell,
Press Space to split,
Press W to eject some mass,
Press E to eject force mass. Press CTRL to fast split

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Welcome to the fastest and no lag agario game ever.

How to play?

You mainly play with your mouse, with which you direct the player, and then you have the playing buttons which are "w" for throwing food, and "space" for separating the player.
In the top right side of the screen you have the leaderboard showing top 10 players.
In the top left side of the screen you have your score.
In the bottom left side of the screen you have the chat box, through which you can chat with other players playing with you.

You can change game modes by going to the dropdown next to nickname input field, and choosing the mode you want to play.
You can also change settings to the game to suite your preferences by clicking the button with the circle next to "play button" before starting the game.
The most played mode on our server is FFA, Instant merge, Experimental, Rainbow. More modes are coming soon.

Also by clicking the "Targ Solo" button you can play as single player, and by clicking "EasyGame" you can play a very fun and addictive jump game.
We use high performance server for our agario game to bring you lag free game and fast response time.


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You can also find our game at : Crazygames / Silvergames

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